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Full Ceremony Script

The ceremony is the official portion of the service that defines the commitment and responsibility you are entering into. The vows you take during the ceremony are not just words, but a public expression of the solemn promises you are making to each other before witnesses. The ceremony will be designed to complement the sentiment, theme, and emotion of your love story and dream wedding. You will be given a copy of your ceremony as a keepsake.


Rehearsal for the wedding is necessary to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and how the wedding ceremony will unfold. All participants in the wedding (the couple, the wedding party, parents, and anyone else playing a role in the ceremony) should plan to attend. One rehearsal is included as part of the Officiant services.

Officiating the Wedding

The Officiant will perform the ceremony on your wedding day. Every effort will be made to dress in accordance with the type, theme, and/or color scheme of the wedding in a manner that appropriately complements the occasion.

Completing the Marriage Certificate

A marriage license is required in most states. A valid marriage license must be obtained and presented to the Officiant, preferably at the rehearsal, but no later than prior to the start of the service. After the ceremony, the Officiant will complete the Marriage Certificate with the couple and witnesses. The couple is responsible for taking the completed Certificate to the appropriate authority, within the required time frame, to be certified and recorded.


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