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I’m Monique

A licensed, ordained minister through Universal Life Church Ministries. Ordained to perform all ministerial services, including: marriages, funerals, baptisms, and all other privileges and considerations granted to a minister.

D&Mo’—Our Love Story

My husband, Darryl, and I were 18 years old when we first meet at a teen club fresh out of high school. It was a Friday night, and we both had dates who were late. This handsome guy asked me to dance, and I said to myself he’s tall and fine! I could tell he was an athlete because of his letterman’s jacket—it fit him well! We fell in love on the dance floor. We ditched our dates and danced all night long. He must of liked my moves because he never left my table. We had a great time and dancing became our love language. The night came to an end, but our journey had just begun. Darryl asked me for my phone number.  He was so cool and smooth—I gave it willingly. He called me the next day. We didn’t talk much, but the chemistry was boiling! Darryl quickly found out that I was a talker. It wasn’t long after that we made plans to meet for our first date—he brought me flowers, and I loved that!  From the beginning, our young romance was filled with Friday and Saturday date nights with dinners, movies, music, and planning for our future. 

At age 24, we were married by a kindhearted, relatable Justice of the Peace who did a fantastic job. My best friend, Selina, and her husband, Steve, were our witnesses. After the ceremony, we had a reception with our family and friends; and of course, Darryl and I danced the night away.  Our day was perfect! 

Although it’s grown richer over time, our life today continues on the foundation we started and have built together. Our date nights, flowers, anniversary celebrations, dinners, movies, concerts, and dancing remain an important part of our lives. We converted a bedroom into a full studio decked out with music artifacts, albums, cassettes, musical instruments, and a microphone. Darryl creates beats, and I create poetry through the spoken word. Back in the day, we would record music on cassettes dedicated to each other. Today we still dedicate songs to each other through playlists. Our favorite songs are “Spirit” and “Sun Goddess” by our favorite musical group, Earth, Wind & Fire. Music truly connects us!


Family and friends are very important to Darryl and I, and we love spending time with them. Although we were never able to bare children of our own, we have been there as our nieces and nephews have grown up, participated in their lives, shared in their successes and failures, and made them our own.

Our faith sustains us spiritually, physically, and mentally. Our love is endless, and we are blessed beyond measure! My prayer is that your union will also be an endless love.

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My Approach

Being an Officiant is a rewarding experience.  As a photographer, I have a passion for wanting to capture those priceless moments in life that bring joy to people’s faces. That same passion extends to my approach as an Officiant. Words are powerful!  As an Officiant, I want my words to help build a strong foundation that leads to an unbreakable union and reinforces the importance of commitment. My goal is to create your dream ceremony that is full of love and laughter topped with emotions and memories that will last forever. 


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